Daily Archive: April 13, 2009

Whm fail

WHM Fails Failure Reason: Unable to connect to port 2086 /etc/init.d/chkservd restart Share it..

Verify that port is open

Run following command: (1)netstat -tulpn | less or (2)netstat -lntp | grep :21 (put any port) tcp 0 0* LISTEN 23054/vsftpd (3)netstat -lnp | grep ‘’(4)netstat -lnp | grep ‘exim’ tcp 0...

Linux Basic Commands

(1) ls Command: ls : list files/directories in a directory, comparable to dir in windows/dos.ls -al : shows all files (including ones that start with a period), directories, and details attributes for each file....

How to install GD/Curl in cPanel server

In cPanel servers, the safest way to install PHP modules is to use the cPanel script for Apache-PHP compilation. You can do this as follows. WHM login >> Main >> Software >> Apache UpdateOr...

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